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A superior quality BBQ grilled meat ‘Daging Salai BBQ ’ is a new type of HALAL BBQ grilled meat / jerky meat with traditional recipe, low fat and preservative free.

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Mat Dendeng LogoDaging Salai BBQ is a new type of HALAL BBQ grilled meat catering to high demand around the country. This type of daging salai has been a popular food item in the community for years especially during festive seasons. It is a very tasty snack and can be consume together with bread; hence known as Jerky Burger or Sandwich.

With the support of JAKIM (Jabatan Kemajuan Agama Islam Malaysia) it is now made available to the Muslim community. A dedicated group of research experts, including reknown food and beverage chef, developed a unique recipe integrated with the traditional recipe of BBQ grilled meat (daging salai) to cater for the local taste buds.




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